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Video Chatting with Your Child

As we continue to shelter in place, facetime and zoom calls are becoming more prevalent in our day to day activities. If your child lives out of town and you aren’t able to visit with in person then a video call can be a great substitute. Here are some tips to engage your child.

It’s hard to capture a child’s attention during phone/video calls. I have 3 kids and while they say they want to talk on the phone they will only do so for a few minutes. The trick is to engage them. If you ask how was your day? They will often not give you a 5-minute response. They will say, “it was good”. Here are some questions to ask:

  • What was the most exciting thing that happened to you today?
  • What funny thing happened in school, cafeteria, playing with sister…. Today?
  • Tell me the 3 things you wish you could do. 
  •  If you were a superhero, which power would you have?
  • What would your superhero name be?
  • What does your teacher do when she’s happy?
  • How many times can you hop on one foot?

Have realistic expectations when you are on the phone/zoom/facetime with children. The call may only last 10 minutes, if that’s the case maybe do a few calls during the week at 10 minutes instead of a 30-40 minute single call. 

Do flashcards, read a story, play a card game – go fish. 

Bake a cake together – Go online together and find a recipe to make together. 

Play I spy with them or have them do a scavenger hunt in their room. 

Have a book, cards, their artwork next to you so you don’t’ have to go looking for it during the call.  

During the call, look into the camera. Practice looking at the camera – it is tempting to keep your eyes on your own picture, or the images on the screen – but you really make eye contact when you look at the camera and that is better for interactive communication.

While a zoom call is not the same as an in-person visit, it helps keep the connection between you and your child.