Preserving Families

And Protecting Assets

mother and two kids walking at sunset

Keeping the family peace during estate planning

Parents don’t like to see their children fighting and that goes for their adult children, too. Thinking that estate planning may cause a rift between siblings is enough to make a parent’s heart break. It’s difficult to have a talk about what will happen when parents pass away, but it is a talk that is absolutely necessary if parents in Texas want their children to continue to have positive relationships with each other. 

Less likely to disagree 

When parents consult their adult children prior to writing an estate plan, chances are they won’t disagree when the time comes for the plan to be used. Having a meeting about estate planning will accomplish some pretty important things. That talk will: 

  • Make certain all family members understand what is in the estate plan 
  • Tell loved ones where documents will be kept 
  • Let family members know of last wishes 
  • Allow loved one to give feedback about the estate plan 
  • Allow loved ones to voice which personal items they would like 

Added vital information 

A comprehensive estate plan can also provide other details such as those pertaining to social media accounts, names of important contacts like a lawyer, accountant or financial planner. It can also list all assets and debts. When an estate plan contains all this vital information, it is much easier on loved ones as well as the executor of the estate.  

The last thing Texas residents want is to have estate planning documents to create hard feelings between family members. It’s so important to get legal advice from an attorney, before and during the writing of an estate plan. Having a complete plan may keep the peace among loved ones.