Preserving Families

And Protecting Assets

mother and two kids walking at sunset

Protecting your children from the effects of divorce

When it’s time for a couple to go their separate ways, they have much to think about. When Texas couples with children decide their marriages have fizzled, divorce may actually be in their children’s best interests. This is especially so if the kids were witness to countless arguments and hostility between their parents.

It’s really about the kids

If a couple can agree on one thing, it’s that they should do whatever is best for their children, and that means protecting them as much as possible from the fallout of their divorce. In this vein, a couple has to make a conscious effort to work together to fashion a parenting plan that is indicative of the children having as much access to each parent as possible. Studies have shown that children do much better when they have positive relationships with both parents.

Some helpful strategies

There are some actions parents can take to get through the adjustment they and everyone will have to make:

  • Tell the children about the divorce together. They need to see their parents are still united in their love for them, and that they support them now and in the future.
  • Understand that former spouses who share children will always be tied in that way. If each person encourages the children to foster a healthy relationship with the other parent, everyone will win.
  • Never rely on the children for emotional support. Turn to a therapist, a family member or a trusted friend for help.
  • Sadness is part of healing. Children don’t always need to see happy faces. They will understand the sadness.
  • Refrain from complaining about the divorce process in front of the children. They’re going through enough themselves.
  • Try to keep children’s routines as consistent as possible between two households. Children need structure, especially during difficult times.

As parents negotiate a parenting plan, they must keep their children’s needs first. A plan should provide the foundation for how parents in Texas will work in tandem for the welfare of their children. Divorce doesn’t mean the end of a family; it means a shift in the family dynamic.