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Rudeness during a divorce could backfire

It never pays to be rude under any circumstance, but it could really be detrimental during the end of a marriage. There is some irony in the fact that Texas couples headed for divorce likely have been pretty rude to each for some time, but now that the marriage is over, continuing to be rude may compound potential problems. Acting like a cool, calm and collected adult may improve certain situations like child custody and/or visitation. 

Keep a buttoned lip 

Individuals who are counting on spousal support and child support payments should be mindful in discussions with a former spouse. Negative thoughts should never be voiced. Even worse, making derogatory comments in public could cause that person’s reputation to suffer or could even result in a job loss. Without income, it’s near impossible for a payor to make regular support payments. 

Stay off social media 

Those going through a divorce should stay off social media or at least refrain from posting about personal issues. Posting anything negative about a spouse soon to be a former spouse, could backfire during a court proceeding since what was posted might be used as evidence in court. Doing so could severely undermine a person receiving a favorable settlement. 

It may be difficult to be amicable to someone with whom there may have been much time spent in anger and animosity, but it is wise during a divorce. Even if the issues aren’t problematic, each spouse would do well to see independent legal advice from a Texas lawyer experienced in family law since it’s helpful to know what should and shouldn’t be done going through the divorce process.