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Co-parenting tips for divorced parents

However parents feel about each other after their marriage has come to an end, the love for their children has not changed. Divorce is difficult for everyone involved, particularly for children who often blame themselves. It’s crucial for Texas parents to explain to their children that the divorce was not their fault and that both parents still love them. Since parents will be raising these children until they’re at least 18 years of age, they must understand what their responsibilities are when it comes to co-parenting.  

Work together 

Parents need to step up to the plate and do what may seem undoable to them at the moment — work together to raise their kids to be self-confident, loving, kind and productive adults. Put aside differences and do what is best for the kids. Here are some tips for parents to put to use for a positive co-parenting experience: 

  • Communicate openly and consistently. If divorced parents are on good terms, this shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. Speaking regularly about children’s schedules, schooling, holidays, health and so on. Parents could even have regular co-parenting meetings or communicate via email, text or by phone. If parents don’t get along very well, a third party could be present to help keep emotions in check. 
  • Talk to the children, too. It’s vital to talk to the kids to know what’s happening in their lives and to continually reassure them that everything is all right. Let them express how they feel in a neutral, safe place. Talk to them whenever possible and when they ask to talk. If it’s possible, talk to the children together to assure them both parents will continue to be in their lives. 
  • Give support and expect support. In addition to communication, mutual respect in necessary for a successful co-parenting relationship with a former spouse. This means respecting the rules and boundaries, remaining flexible and letting go of any hostility when it comes to issues regarding the kids. 

Having a co-parenting plan that is fair and sustainable means a great deal. With that in place, it’s easier for parents who have been through or who are going through a divorce to raise their children. It may also mean each parent working with a Texas attorney experienced with co-parenting plans.