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Adopting a child in Texas as an LGBT couple

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) adoptions are becoming more frequent, and, indeed, some pregnant mothers are actually choosing same-sex couples to adopt their babies. Adoption in Texas is governed by family law rules that spell out what is doable and not under the law. The family dynamic has changed from decades ago, and families are now found in many forms.

What is LGBT adoption?

Children who are adopted by lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender (LGBT) individuals are considered LGBT adoptions, and they can take place through the following:

  • Joint adoption by a married or unmarried same-sex couple.
  • Stepparent adoption, when a married same-sex couple’s spouse adopts the other person’s biological or adopted child.
  • Single-parent adoption, when a child is adopted by a single LGBT person.
  • Second-parent adoption, when one partner of a married or unmarried same-sex couple adopts the biological or adopted child of the other partner.

Statistics are rising

LGBT adoptions aren’t yet embraced by all of society, but the numbers of adoptions are on the rise. Statistics show that 83% of public adoption agencies made at least one LGBT adoption placement. Some heads of agencies believe there should be further evaluation and support for those in the LGBT community wishing to adopt, and in some instances, some agencies have rejected LGBT placements, either because of the agency’s religious beliefs or that particular state’s law, which doesn’t allow such placements.

Family law in Texas paves the way for LGBT individuals to adopt children. These situations, however, still can come with many complexities and challenges, making the need to have adequate help and support throughout the process even more critical. An experienced attorney can carefully guide someone through these times, significantly increasing the odds of no missteps being made and a successful outcome.