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Challenging a paternity ruling

There are several reasons it’s important to know who the father of a child is. It’s vital to have the paternity of a child known for the potential father who may want to be a part of the child’s life and for the mother so she may be able to get child support from the father. Knowing the biological father may be very helpful for a child should health issues develop in the child. Issues connected to paternity are governed by family law rules in Texas. 

Both people have a right to challenge results 

Both a man and the child’s mother have every right to challenge paternity test results. If either person thinks the test may have been administered incorrectly or that it was done dishonestly, they could ask the court to intervene. A man might say that he is physically incapable of fathering a child because of sterility. He could also suggest the mother was having an affair at the time the child was conceived. When the court receives a claim regarding questionable paternity results, a family court judge will likely order a new test to be done. 

A judge will evaluate other information 

The judge may also ask to see medical records to help determine paternity. There is a higher chance of a paternity ruling being overturned the older the child is since it may affect the child negatively. If a judge rules that the original paternity order stands, parents need to create a plan regarding child custody and child support 

Paternity can be a very sticky subject under the law. It’s also a rather complex one to tackle alone without legal help. Getting independent legal advice from a family law attorney may significantly increase one’s odds of achieving the best possible outcome for his or her unique situation.