Preserving Families

And Protecting Assets

mother and two kids walking at sunset

Beware of underhanded child custody actions

Many Texas parents who decide to divorce can do so peacefully and amicably. It is not always possible, however, particularly if one of the parents has some underhanded tricks up his or her sleeve and plans to use them against the other parent. This is often an attempt to win the court’s favor in a child custody battle.

A parent who is not interested in going by the rule book might try to take revenge against a co-parent or try to gain the upper hand in court. Being aware of these issues ahead of time and knowing where to seek support if a problem arises helps avoid custody-related stress. A family court judge always has children’s best interests in mind when making custody decisions, which is why a parent can bring a concerning issue to the court’s attention.

Watch out for these child custody tricks before and after proceedings

There are various ways in which one parent can try to pull the rug out from under the other, either to make him or her lose a child custody battle or to try to ruin a parent/child relationship:

  • Run up a credit card balance and drain bank accounts
  • Obtain a restraining order based on false accusations
  • Relocate children without making whereabouts known
  • Deny co-parent access to children
  • Tell lies to children about their other parent
  • Withhold important information re children’s health, education, etc.

These and other issues can spark a lot of problems for a co-parent, financially, emotionally and legally. A concerned parent may reach out for support at any time to help resolve issues that are prompted by a co-parent’s malice.

Remember that children are the priority in child custody proceedings

When Texas parents cooperate to draft a fair child custody agreement, their children reap the benefits. On the contrary, children who are constantly exposed to parental conflict in divorce often have trouble coping. A fair settlement requires honesty and compromise on both sides; any parent who believes a co-parent is trying to undermine his or her parental rights or destroy the parent/child relationship may seek immediate support from an experienced family law attorney.