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Divorce: Is there an easy way to break the news?

It is understandable to feel nervous when informing one’s partner of one’s intention to divorce. There are many reasons to keep this conversation as gentle and compassionate as possible, especially if the couple shares children. However, one can never be sure how his or her partner will react to the news.

A spouse seeking a divorce may feel it is obvious that the marriage is over. It is possible, however, that to the other spouse, the announcement of one’s intention to divorce will come as a shock or even a betrayal. How can one handle this situation effectively without adding to the partner’s grief?

Thinking it through

As with any important conversation, the announcement of a divorce requires careful thought. A spouse planning to divorce should reflect on his or her motives and goals for ending the marriage. Thinking through the process and the outcome, especially when children are involved, may help formulate a thoughtful, compassionate way to break the news to the other partner.

Ideally, this delicate conversation should occur in person. Respect is the key since this conversation could easily foreshadow the entire divorce process. Intentionally hurting one’s spouse can backfire, leading to an unnecessarily costly and contentious divorce. On the other hand, someone who fears their spouse will become violent over the announcement of divorce should have another person in the room at the time.

Step one

Before unhappy spouses tell their partners about their intention to file for divorce, it is wise for them to seek legal counsel for the protection of their rights. An attorney can also offer sound advice for broaching the subject with one’s partner and steps to take prior to filing. Understanding the divorce laws in Texas and knowing what to expect during the process often allows one to proceed with confidence.